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Manage your own pest control and lawn care

We're committed to providing high quality pest control and lawn care without the high price tag. Say goodbye to unreliable and ineffective contracts - we'll help you select safe, professional-grade products that work.  Each time you visit our stores, you'll leave with the products and knowledge you need to get the results you expect.  Trust our experts to help you get the job done right, the first time around.


DIY Pest Control

The keys to lasting pest control results are elimination and prevention.  With decades of experience in identifying and treating pest problems in our local region, we can help you plan a course of action to eliminate pests and prevent them from returning.  With our wide array of products, there are options for every budget and scenario.

Rodent Control

When the weather gets cold, rats, mice and other rodents seek shelter in your warm home.  Rustling noises in the attic usually indicate roof rats or squirrels, which damage important elements of your home, including electrical wires and mechanical parts.  These creatures may be small, but the extend of the damage they cause isn't.

Grass Close Up

DIY Lawn Care

Let us show you how to have the best lawn on your block!  We use a professional approach to lawn care to control weeds, manage pests, and promote growth for a fraction of the cost of average lawn care services. We offer free weed identification and free advice on how to care for your lawn.

We offer professional weed killers, weed prevention, fungus control and golf course-quality fertilizers, specifically tailored for North Texas lawns.

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